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Lenn Mayhew Lewis

This is the blog of Lenn Mayhew Lewis, established for sharing information about the work of the two companies he directs: Europlataforma de Carga S.A. and Core Capital Advisers Inc.

Europlataforma de Carga S.A.

Europlataforma de Carga S.A. is private company that promotes an intermodal transport site, logistics platform and cargo airport in Spain. It was listed on the stock exchange of Vienna in June 2017.

On this blog you can read all about the work of Europlataforma de Carga S.A., including information about the investment objective of the infrastructure project initiated by the company. You can also learn more about what Europlataforma de Carga S.A. does, with posts exploring different aspects such as transport and distribution for international trade.

Cargo insurance is one service offered by Europlataforma de Carga S.A. – here you can read all about the laws that limit carrier liability across the world and therefore make cargo insurance necessary. You can find out just what multimodal transport means in practical terms and seek advice on what the best mode of transport for your goods might be. To help you with this, there will be descriptive posts outlining the pros and cons of each different type of freight transport, posts looking at statistics for road freight and posts exploring the different types of air cargo transport.

Core Capital Advisers Inc

Core Capital Advisers Inc. manages investment funds in oil and gas, real estate and resource companies, using a hedge fund model. This blog will discuss the work of CCA, including specific investment overviews and definitions of some of the terms used. CCA invests in infrastructure; you can find out what infrastructure is in terms of investment and learn more about funding for infrastructure projects.

You can also learn about professional investment management, which is at the heart of what CCA does. This will include information about project finance for infrastructure and other projects. There will be advice on the difference between long-term and short-term investments, a look at the economic indicators that investors in oil and gas need to watch out for, and information about Silver Wave Energy, Africa’s largest oil and gas offshore acreage holders and a past client of CCA.